Office Automation
Customer Relational Management (CRM)
SugarCRM is open source customer relational management solution. SugarCRM is a innoviative, flexible and affordable CRM solution. Help you mangae your customer in a better way and prepare a sales report for forecasting. Private server is used, preventing your customer details are store at third party side.

Benefits / Features
  • - easy to use
    - free
    - sales force automation
    - sales tracking
  • - advanced reporting
    - flows and invoice creation
    - customization
    - plugin avaible
We provide services over SugarCRM, installing, hosting and customized features. Our team would help you to investigate your business flow and provide right solution and suggestions for your CRM.
HR Management System
OrangeHRM is one of the open source HR management system. OrangeHRM offers a wealth of modules that help with different kind of business. Private server is used, preventing your employee details are store at third party side.

Benefits / Features
  • - Free
    - Leave/Time off Management
    - Time & Attendance Management
    - Recruitment
  • - Performance
    - Employee Self Service
    - customization
    - plugin avaible
Our service include the installation and server equipment. Our expert team provide professional solutions and suggestions, aim to fulfill your own business.
Finance Management System
ONEFMS provides workflow from the beginning of vendor Purchase to account payable. With the automation power, the whole process goes smooth with well organized process. The whole team recongize the status of the order easily.

  • - Purchase Request
    - Purchase Order
    - Payment Request / Staff Expense Claim
    - Account Financial Cost Allocation
Project Management System
ONEPMS provides the projects' task management. Every team member knows the status of the task, with notifiation promote, every one would be right on the track. Reporting for projects' team, easily to estimated the future task.

  • - Team
    - Staff
    - Project
    - Ticket
    - Notification
    - Mobile APP
    - Calendar view link with Google Calendar
    - Information sharing - Report
CodeIgniter Framework
CodeIngiter(CI) is one of the best framework for developemnt. On top of CI, we build up our own branding CMS. Target to offer a user friendly and totally stack with your business workflow. By using other open source CMS, all of them have their own limitataion or difficulites.

Building from the scratch of CI, we offer a more flexibilty solutions to your online web platform. Simplify the system, to obtain a fast and performance. The solution would be simple over complexity. eCommerce solution are one of the benefit, the existing open source solutions are not aim to be compaitable to different kind of business.

Our expert team take care every single part of your web platform to provide a straight forward solutions. No matter how comlex of your system, our team are here to provide professional solutions and suggestion.

Magento eCommerce in Hong Kong, is a common online shop & online shopping cart. Our team has comprehensive Magento experience, front-end developers and systems integration services, to deliver high quality solution let user featuring a powerful CMS platforms, can uncomplicated to edit user web pages, eShop responsible for of all the online security payment and shipping method.

Wordpress is one of the famous content management system (CMS) widely used around the world. This is a good entry point to start your online web business. It is open source and can be easily customized to fulfill your business features. Number of developers around the world contribute to this community increase the ability of the wordpress, build up with plugin for theme, SEO, marketing tools and much more. Our service help you to customize the Wordpress, present your own coroprate style, follow your business workflow and maintain your online web. Not just staying as blogging features, we are here to help you grow your business, obtain a higher ranking search result in Google, Bing.

Drupal is one of the leading open source web framework, designed for web solutions. Drupal could be simply as standalone website or complex as a CRM solution. Number of developers are contributing in this community, many different kind of modules are available over the world.
We aim to provide a professional services of your online business system. Building up a user friendly and professional platform that could smooth your business workflow. With our past experience and the expert team, we offer new and improved functionalities over Drupal system.
Our team would evaulate your requirement and your business, to provide the best solutions for your entire online web platform though the entire process of the development and maintenance.

Open Source Enterprise CMS, a world well knowed CMS that is Scalable Web Application Framework. With the large and active global community, extensions are almost fulfilled for every web solution task. User friendly with unlimited extendability, easily integrated development and editing workflows.